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Grand Times: Links

Tena Wilson Experience

Check out our facebook presence, with updates, news, blog and photos of recent events and happenings of our popular band, the Tena Wilson Experience.

Borrowed and Blue

Borrowed and Blue is an newly launched comprehensive website that is easy to navigate, featuring weddings, vendors, sites, and newsy items in a stunning and artistic format. Helpful to brides and wedding vendors alike, it's a must see!

Check out our new presence as The Tena Wilson Experience continues to explore a diversity of musical styles and wedding themes for traditional and popular tastes.

A premier national site dedicated to all things weddings.

Best City Weddings and Best Birmingham Weddings, national listing.

Martha Stewart Official Website:  national site listing for Weddings, specifically premier wedding music offerings in Birmingham &  Alabama, Southeastern United States.


Decidio is the premier national website for business exchange